Meredith Morgenstern is the pen name of Meredith Lopez. A second-generation geek raised on 80s fantasy, Arthuriana, Star Wars, and The Twilight Zone, she writes dark speculative fiction and "domestic horror" a subgenre she just now made up based on her love of Shirley Jackson. Her short stories have been published in FICTION VORTEX, GOTHIC BLUE BOOKS IV, and HOLIDAY MAGICK. She accidentally lives in northern New Jersey with her husband and two children, and probably some ghosts.

When not playing with her kids or pounding away at her laptop, Meredith enjoys sci fi, fantasy, and horror movies, books, and short stories, yoga, "Hamilton" and lesser Broadway musicals (but not "Rent"), baking, and pretending to be Princess Leia. She will never turn down gifts of wine or Nutella.

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