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I have found each of these web sites helpful in my writing process, from the idea and writing stages to self-marketing and querying.

*Mythic Scribes: "Mythic Scribes is a community of fantasy writers who are passionate about storytelling.  We provide a platform for new and aspiring authors, as well as a meeting place for writers and fans of the genre.
By sharing both the joys and the struggles of writing, we offer inspiration and support to one another. We invite you to become a part of our fantasy writing community."
--On Mythic Scribes I am MotherofDragons

*Preditors and Editors: "A guide to publishers and publishing services for serious writers since 1997."

*Query Tracker: "Find a Literary Agent or Publisher for your book. Use our extensive database search tools to locate the perfect agent or publisher for your work.
Organize and Track Your Query Letters. Keep track of your query letters using the most advanced tracking system available on the web.

Share Information about Agents and Publishers. Our database allows information to be collected and shared. Learn from other author's experiences, and view multiple reports about agent's and publisher's query histories."

--On Query Tracker I am MeredithLopez76

*Savvy Authors: "Savvy Authors strives to provide the best tools, classes, and networking opportunities for authors in all stages of their writing careers, from aspiring novelists to multi-published authors. 

We at SavvyAuthors are committed to developing a community that embraces:- Mentoring and sharing of knowledge and expertise among our members.- Fun and respectful competition in the pursuit of writerly excellence.- High quality opportunities for publication, promotion and advancement.- A strong writer’s support network.- The tools to let each of our members achieve their publication goals."
--On Savvy Authors I am Meredith Lopez

*Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA): "SFWA is a professional organization for authors of science fiction, fantasy and related genres.  Esteemed past and present members include Isaac Asimov, Anne McCaffrey, Ray Bradbury, and Andre Norton.

FWA informs, supports, promotes, defends and advocates for its members. We host the prestigious Nebula Awards, assist members in legal disputes with publishers, and administer benevolent funds for authors facing medical or legal expenses.  Novice authors benefit from our Information Center and the well-known Writer Beware site."


*Absolute Write: Blockbuster Plots by Threes:

*How to Write a 1-Page Synopsis, from Pub(lishing) Crawl:

*Jane Friedman's Back To Basics: Writing a Novel Synopsis:

*Writer Beware Blog: Write the Letter That Sells Your Book:

*William Shunn's Manuscript Format for Short Stories:

Writers' Pages

*J.A. Ball, writer of urban fantasy, steampunk, romance and adventure fiction.

*Tony Peak, writer of speculative fiction.

*JD Miller, Lady of Kaos.

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