Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Knightly Tales for a Rainy Day

I finally know what to do with my Arthurian flash fiction stories.

I'm putting them together into a collection called KNIGHTLY TALES FOR A RAINY DAY. (I just like the way that sounds.) It'll be a 5-6K story when complete. One of my critique partners gave me the idea of finishing off the stories with one that loosely ties all the others together, and I think that's a fantastic idea. So right now I'm working on the fourth story, Galahad's, and then will write Mordred's, and wrap things up with Arthur's own story which will make mention of all the others.

And then I'll submit them.

For something that started off as a fun project just for my own entertainment, it's turning into something really...great. If I do say so myself, that is. My critiquers all seem to really like the stories, and I'm having a lot of fun writing in these different voices and creating small, 1,000 word slices from the points of view of the periphery characters (and, in the case of Lancelot's story, an entirely made-up character) from Arthuriana.


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