Monday, August 26, 2013

The Great "THE STAND" Epic Read!

Now that I've finished Stephen King's "On Writing," I'm inspired to finally read his 1200+ page epic, THE STAND. I've seen the miniseries twice, so it's not like I don't know what happens or how it ends, but I think it's finally time to read it.

...yes, one-thousand, two-hundred PLUS pages.

That's a major reading commitment, right there. In all honesty it will probably take me at least six months, since I get maaaaybe an hour's worth of daily reading time if I ignore my kids a little bit during the day and go to bed to read before I'm actually tired.

I'm going to do a weekly check-in with the page number and scene I'm on. Maybe at the end we can all talk about it.

Anyone want to read along with me? I am reading this version on my Barnes & Noble Nook reader. Not that you have to read the same version, but it'll help with page numbers and such.

Hooray! Let's jump in to this ocean of book and get reading THE STAND!

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