Monday, September 16, 2013

The Great THE STAND Epic Read: Update 9/16/13

On page: 250

On chapter:  25

Just read scene: Nick is taking care of the dead sheriff's dying wife and noticing how empty Shoyo is.

I was warned that while reading THE STAND I would get paranoid with every sneeze or cough I made, or that someone made around me. It's true. My ragweed allergies are terrible right now, but even worse than that: my older son, the 4-year old Juban Princeling, has croup. Saturday night he went to bed with a fever of 101.2 and three hours later he woke up unable to breathe. My husband rushed him to the emergency room, and while I waited for news of what was wrong I convinced myself he had some sort of super pneumonia and cried my face off. Turns out it was just croup, but that cough is something really awful to hear. Poor kid. :-(

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