Thursday, May 30, 2013

Major Revisions. MAJOR.

With the fam gone last weekend I got a lot done on my novel, BLOODSISTERS: THE PROPHESIES, BOOK 1. Most of what I did was a near-total revision of the first chapter and query letter.

For a very long time I had no idea how to "fix" the first chapter; I only knew I wasn't getting any traction with it. I found three new critique partners and asked them to give it a look with fresh eyes. They had some very good advice, but I still didn't know what exactly to do.

Then something occurred to me, I got started, and several hours later my first chapter was about 70% revised. I also made some of the smaller changes my critique partners suggested throughout the rest of the novel, and changed the entire opening paragraph of my query letter.

Let's hope this draft works...

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