Thursday, July 25, 2013


Crikey, it's been a long time since my last update!

I say "crikey" because of my current Anglophile phase. It started when I saw STAR TREK: INTO DARKNESS and said, "Who is that beautiful man playing super baddie Khan?" and went home to watch the entire first season of SHERLOCK by myself, and in doing so, gave my heart over to Benedict Cumberbatch.

Big Ben. Best name for a clock, ever. *giggle giggle*

It's continuing on with my completely bizarre and out-of-nowhere obsession with the Royal Baby. I left MSNBC on mute all day during Kate's labor, and I'm not entirely sure why. (My friend in London, Sir Brit, thinks its because Americans secretly want to be British subjects again. I laughed, but a disturbing amount of my friends seem to be OK with that idea.)

Anyway. England, and whatnot.

In the past few weeks we've moved a few blocks from our former home (or "flat") to a new one with gorgeous views of New York Harbor, my older son has finished with preschool and started summer camp, and my little one is finally in more daycare, which means after nearly a month of being forced away from my writing I am finally back. I'm not going to lie: it was hard, emotionally so, not getting to work on any of my short stories or novel for a month. Every day I felt like something was missing from my life, and the first day back when I opened my manuscript and jumped in was like a long, deep breath.

But I wasn't idle during that month. I still submitted my short stories to markets and queried agents. No rest for the writing!

The bad news is I've had no bites on either front yet, though every day I become more optimistic that my stories are that much closer to finding their homes and my manuscript is that much closer to finding its champion. The good news is that when I revise my novel now I really feel like I'm reading something I love. And isn't that the whole point of writing? To write the story you want to read?

Ah, the little one is eating Veggie Sticks off the floor. Must dash. Ta, then. Cheerio, loves.


  1. Sir Brit here, thought it was my sovereign duty to let you know that Big Ben technically refers to the bell rather than the tower (though even a large number of Brits get it wrong!).

  2. Well, I was referring to the clock, but WHATEVER SHUT UP I WILL NEVER REFER TO ELEVATORS AS "LIFTS!"

  3. Er, I think you just did!